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Сегодня начинаем обсуждать песню ELYSA. Поделитесь, насколько вам нравится или не нравится эта песня и почему. Расскажите, что вы думаете о мелодии, лирике, голосе Билла, музыкальном и вокальном исполнении, а так же о том, о чем по вашему мнению поется в этой песне.


Do you ever think of me at night
Do I ever cross your mind
Do you remember the sky in our lungs
Or did you make our
Memories come undone
If you really if you really feel the same
Just let me know
I keep dreaming without sleeping
In this bittersweet afterglow

I should have never told you
That you were the only one
I should have never told you
That you're the reason for this song

Scars were bleeding
Hearts were beating
Life was freezing
When you were leaving

I miss your feeling
I miss you every single day
If you can hear me
Come back and stay

I wanna blame the sky for
Every time I think of you
I wanna blame every goodbye that
Made me drown into my blues

No fight I wouldn't have fought for you
But I can't love you anymore
Cause you
You left to the stars
My world fell apart
Now that you live in the dark

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