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Обсуждение клипа Boy Don't Cry

I love TH!
Обсуждение клипа Boy Don't Cry

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I love TH!
Обсуждение кадров со съемок клипа Boy Don't Cry

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BOY DON’T CRY: Текст и переводы

I love TH!

Some big black clouds in my town and
I can't see out of my window
I'm all fucked up in the moment
Spacing out into the zone

I fly alone I get lost tonight
I'm calling for a Commander
Command my way
My heart is heavy get me high
On magic I can't resist
I can't resist I'm blinded

She's made out of light
Made out of light
Her voice takes me on a ride
Made it in time

She said boy don't cry
She said boy don't cry
It's such a beautiful night
Lonely boy don't cry

Oh lonely girl don't let go hold on
For another adventure
Stay with me
Now put your hands in my pocket
While we're dancing through cold Berlin

She took me tanzen
All she wants to do is tanzen

She said
Lonely boy take care
I am everywhere
I'll see you again
Back home my friend

Lonely boy I swear
I am in the air
I'll save you again
I'll be there in the end

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перевод #2 (FABULEUX )

перевод #3 (Анны Зайцевой (Tokio Hotel Community VK))

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