I love TH!

Tell me why you are saying “No”
Tell me why you are leading me on
Every time that we're alone, we know
It's clear on the back of my mind
We're playing with fire
And I know we're treading on the ice

Chorus 1:
You know we can't resist so why we’re even trying
You mess with me and think that I don't know you're lying
But I, but I...
Yeah, I'm onto you and all the things you do
(Yeah, I'm onto you and all the things you do)

Chorus 2:
You know it's true
I'm always here for you
It doesn't matter what we do
I'm not a fool
We're breaking all the rules
And I don't know what to do
With this forbidden love
Oh, oh-oh
With this forbidden love

Tell me why you won't let go
Why you wanna keep me unknown
Every time you say "Go." We don't
It's fear that's holding you back
Moments are passing us by
And we're running out of time

Chorus 1 & 2

I don't like
No, I don't like
This forbidden love
Hate that I can't stay away but I…
Need this forbidden love

Chorus 2

(Oh, oh-oh)
(This forbidden love)
(Oh, oh-oh)
(Hate this forbidden love)

Written by Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, INGLSH, Shiro Gutzie & Pionear

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